Tuesday, August 6, 2013

IJK's of Marriage

I = Are Inquisitive about their partner’s day and life. This helps your partner to feel cared about. Learning about what happens in each other’s life helps to build a couple’s love map.
J = Bring Joy to the relationship. Joy breeds joy.
K = Kindness, even on rough days, can turn things around quickly and change negative interactions to positive ones.
L = Couples in healthy relationships laugh a lot. Humor together repairs much damage, especially during a disagreement.
M = Motivated, always, to be a good spouse. When one person is a good spouse, it affects the other’s willingness to reciprocate.
N = Nurture the relationship and your spouse. It is easy to let the relationship cruise on auto-pilot and yet that is what can take a relationships down a wrong path.
O = Couples in healthy relationships are Open to a different viewpoint, to a change in a routine or ritual, to your partner’s hopes and dreams.

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