Monday, August 12, 2013

The P, Q and Rs of Marriage

P = Being Positive can go a long way in the health of a marriage. Focus on what is good and working rather than what is wrong and needs to change.
Q = Quality Time
is important. In healthy relationships, couples understand that they may not have a lot of time together, especially when they are building careers and family, so they make sure that they time that they do have is of high quality.
R = Resilience. Couples are able to repair damage to their relationship quickly rather than let angry and negative feelings fester for a longer time.
S = Couples in healthy relationships have Sensitivity to how what they say and do affects their partner. They choose their words and how they say them in ways that show respect and care, even when feeling hurt or angry.
T = Talk to each other always as if she or he was someone that they love.
U = Develop Understanding for their partner’s point of view, even if they do not agree with or like it.
V = Veracity with love. They strive to be honest with each other and yet do not believe that they must always “tell it like it is”. There are no secrets and always kindness.
W =Wondering, questioning and seeking ideas for new and interesting things to do as a couple.
X = Xerox. When couples find something that works, they are likely to try it again. Rather than “correcting” mistakes, they look to repeat what works.
Y = Yes. Couples in healthy relationships are more likely to say “yes” to their partner than they are to say “no” for any reasonable request.
Z = Zing. Successful couples know that looking for ways to add interest and excitement to their relationship keeps it vital and healthy.

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