Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Long Distance Relationships, Top 10 Survival Tips

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Does distance in a relationship make hearts grow fonder … or fonder of someone else?

Definitely there are more challenges to having a successful relationship when there is a separation but many couples have been able to do it successfully and others can as well.

Here are 10 tips for growing and maintaining a healthy relationship even when separated by many miles and long periods of time.

1. Discuss together the level of commitment to each other and to the relationship.

Have lengthy discussions about what you want from yourself and each other in this relationship while you are apart. Some couples believe that they are in the same place when really they are in different spots, they have just not talked out loud about their differences.
Assume nothing. Discuss everything.
Will you be monogamous when apart as well as together?
How will you deal with attractions to others?
How will you handle loneliness?
What about time alone with co-workers of the opposite sex?

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