Thursday, May 7, 2015

7 Things That Men Wished Their Women Knew About Them

1. Men like to be touched, hugged and kissed and it doesn’t have to always lead to sex.
While many men may seem to have a higher libido than many women, most men really do appreciate simple positive physical touch.

2. Men like it when their partner is a playmate.

Companionship is very important to men and they especially appreciate women who will stretch themselves and learn to enjoy some of the things that they enjoy.

3. Men like to feel needed.

While men may appreciate a woman who is independent and not needy, they also want to feel needed by her and in her life.

4. Men like to be appreciated and to have words of affirmation and appreciation.

Efforts that are made and are noticed and acknowledged go a long way with anyone, and especially with men. Recognizing, thanking and affirming positive acts and efforts will go a long way.

5. Men like and need respect
Men are okay with disagreements if handled respectfully. Men want to know that their wives talk to and about them in respectful and loving ways. Men want to feel their wives respect even if they have a complaint about them or their marriage.

6. Men need women to recognize that nagging is not motivating.

Women need to recognize when their requests turn to nagging and find a different way to discuss the problem or the issue in a calm and respectful way. There are a lot of reasons why men may not do what women request. Finding out the answer is a quicker way to have needs met.

7. Men like women to have their back.

Men need to feel that their women are on their side with others in life. They want to know that their partner will stand up for him with family and friends. Men really don’t need a “devil’s advocate”, they need someone who is on their side and supports them through life.