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Top 10 Secrets Men Should Know About Women

Have you seen that coffee table book … the thick book, the one with the title “Everything Men Know About Women”? When you open it up, every page is blank.

Women can be complicated and men are often perplexed about the best ways to treat them. For help in understanding women, a man may talk with his guy friends … sometimes a good idea, sometimes not so good. He may also talk with his female friends or relatives for help in understanding women … generally a better idea.

In reality, all women are not the same, so the best person to ask advice in understanding women is the woman herself. Women love to talk about what they like and what makes them happy. Some well-phrased questions are appreciated and flattering.

Just to get you started, however, here are some helpful hints to help you in your quest of understanding women and it might make a difference for you in your relationship.

Understanding Women: Top Ten Secrets

1. Women need to feel special.
They really want their man to show that they have thought about them, what they want, and look for a way to make it happen.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tip of the Week, January 16, 2011

Remember when … Look at a picture, watch a video, remember a happier time together.

Revisit all of the good memories and talk about what happened then … what each of you did to help make that a special time.

Dissect what you did and what you most appreciated about your partner and what he or she did that made that a special time.

As you notice softer, kinder and better feelings slowly come. Talk about how to keep them alive in the present.

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Recharging Yourself Through Relationships and Giving to Others

Are you running out of steam?

Do you need to be recharged?

Are you feeling exhausted after the holidays and spreading yourself way too thin?
Relationships, close relationships with friends and family who really care about you, can provide the care and respite that is needed. Sharing stories, laughing together, helping each other or volunteering to help those in need, all feed, nurture and nourish us.

We recently experienced this. We were feeling pretty overwhelmed over the holidays. We thought that we were not using good judgment when we agreed to accompany some of our friends to Mississippi for a volunteer vacation but we did it anyway.

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