Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tip of the Week

Holiday Presents

Holiday shopping is in full force. Many face the dilemma of what to buy. Often people think about what they want the other person to have, and not what they think that the other person would want. I have heard of many gift disasters … from pets to camping equipment to living room furniture. The giver bought what they wanted to have themselves rather than really thinking about the needs or desires of the recipient.

The recipient of the gift often feels hurt and disappointed because they believe that their wishes were not heard or were discounted and that the giver thought more about themselves than the recipient. The best gifts come from really listening to your loved one, thinking about them and their interests.

It is perfectly okay to ask someone for suggestions. Gifts do not need to be surprises. It is also okay to ask for suggestions from another who might know what they would like to have. The thoughtfulness is the most important aspect of the gift … and sending the message that the recipient is very important … and that you have heard them, thought long and hard about them … and picked the present because of what you think would really please them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Things To Consider Before Asking for a Divorce

Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage?

Are you considering a divorce?

Don’t move too quickly in asking for a divorce. Slow down and make sure that you have thought things through. There are several things that you should consider.

We are going to share with you five questions to ask yourself before you take the step of asking your partner for a divorce.

1. Have I done everything that I could do?
Have I talked openly and lovingly with my partner? Have I asked for counseling and, if refused, gone on my own? Have I changed my own behavior rather than repeat the same old responses and reactions?

Most problems in a marriage are usually not the result of one person‘s behavior. Examining and recognizing your own part in the problem might lead to the changes that you desire for your marriage.

Check back with our blog and we will share 4 more questions to ask yourself. Please feel free to share your comments. We can make it a discussion.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tip of the Week

For one of your holiday gifts, talk with your partner about your proudest moments. Share with each other what things about yourself and your relationship that make you the most proud.