Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stories of Success .. With Parenting

The Impact of Being Nice and Caring

One young woman that I know came from a very difficult childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother left when she was only 4. Cindy had 2 young children and was a wonderful mother. She had not been so successful with men, however, moving from one relationship to another.

One day I asked Cindy about how she learned how to be such a good mother … since she certainly did not receive good parenting when she was growing up. Cindy told me about her third grade teacher, Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Potts found out a little about Cindy’s life at home and also knew that she was having a difficult time with school, particularly math. She approached her dad and asked if she could pick Cindy up in the morning before school and work with her on her math. Cindy’s dad agreed so Mrs. Potts began picking her up. She would then take her back to her home where she would feed her a good breakfast, fix a lunch for her for school and help her with her schoolwork. At Christmas, she bought her some presents and had a special lunch for her. Throughout the school year, she taught Cindy about success at school … and about the good things about herself. After Cindy finished third grade, the visits stopped … but the kindness and concern that Mrs. Potts showed her remained in her mind and her heart … and she knew that she wanted to give her children what Mrs. Potts had given her.

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