Friday, February 29, 2008

How DO You Meet Someone to Date?

We meet many people who are lonely … or just interested in finding a romantic partner. The question, of course, arises about WHERE do you find them … if you are no longer young enough to still be in school and most of the people who are in the accepted dating range do not comprise a large pool.

There are some of the obvious choices, church groups, activities, business meetings, wherever people are gathering … and one of the best, through mutual friends. Many today are also branching out into the on-line dating services and these can work quite well for many. We will write more about this in another spot.

The most important thing to remember is to present yourself as someone who is open to meeting others and possibly dating. Make eye contact with other people … women and men. Practice small talk with people in natural spots like grocery lines, doctor’s offices, bookstores, your children’s ballgames, etc. Ask questions about other people and become interested in what is happening with them in their lives. Reach out to others by inviting them to do something with you or just phone to say “hello”.

Interview everyone that you can about how they met their partner. You may find some unique and interesting ideas for what to do to meet someone that you want to spend time with.

Consider setting a few goals for yourself each week that would put you in a spot to meet someone and practice one socializing … even possible flirting … behavior.

I am going to share with you some of the places that our friends met and invite you to visit our blog and add ideas of your own. In each of these instances, the couple became friends before romance developed.

Sam and Lisa, both scuba divers, met at a local dive club.
Ann and Jerry met at a professional organization.
Tom and Sara met through a local service organization.
Steve and Andrea met while both were walking their dogs in the park … and started talking after nodding
and greeting each other several times.
Martha and Bill met at their son’s baseball games. He was the coach and she was a very involved mom.
Doug and Marsha met at a local ballroom where they were both taking ballroom dancing classes.

How did you meet your partner? What creative ideas have you heard about?

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