Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How Can I Tell if My Spouse Is Cheating?

There are no clear-cut signs … other than finding your partner with a paramour … that are fool-proof; however, when there are changes in your partner and the marriage there are often some indicators that infidelity may be an issue. Some of these indicators are:

The obvious indicators include: late hours, a change in routine, secretive phone calls and e-mails, much more attention to grooming, dieting and exercise, a rush to the shower immediately after coming home, the smell of perfume or cologne, more mentioning of an opposite sex co-worker or no mention of one that was mentioned before.

A feeling of distance with your spouse. Where you once may have talked about what was going on in each other’s lives, you find that your partner is less available to do that. You have more difficulty in every day communication … reaching your partner by cell phone or at the office.

A change in attitude. Your partner may once have been friendly and now seems more abrupt or disrespectful and may even appear to pick fights with you.

A definite moodiness about your partner
, times of seeming to be very happy coupled with times of seeming depressed, sad or unhappy.

A change in frequency of sexual relations, either a definite lack of sexual involvement or significantly more and an interest in trying new or different things in the bedroom

Your intuition or “gut” tells you that something is wrong.

Others close to you two may also mention that there seems to be a difference with your spouse.

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