Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marriage Advice: What is it about Some Couples Who Seem to Be So at Ease While, for Others, Marriage is a Lot of Hard Work?

Ever wonder why some people seem to have an ease about their relationship while others really have to work with it?

What secrets do those couples who have an ease and natural way of relating know about healthy relationships?

Sometimes it is about their natural temperament. They may both be the kind of people who do not let a lot get to them, who know how to work through differences without getting upset with each other and who generally have the same values and ideas about life so that their differences are not about significant issues.

Couples who handle problems with ease, also know how to give each other the benefit of the doubt. They see each other and the differences as “normal” and not “deal breakers” even if they may be pretty significant.

When faced with problems between them, they are more likely to figure that it is a puzzle to put together rather than something to “win”.

These couples also feel secure in their partner’s love and commitment. They know that, even if they have a fight or do something to hurt the other, their marriage is safe and they will recover.

Finally, couples who get along well, for whom their relationship is easy and comfortable, find ways throughout their days and nights, to reaffirm their good will and positive feelings about each other and about their marriage.

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