Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 Ways To Hurt A Woman’s Feelings, Or, What NOT To Do If You Want A Woman To Like You

1. Give her “constructive criticism” about her appearance. Even if you have a degree in fashion design or are a personal trainer, your ideas may not be welcomed.

2. Lie to her. This can include direct lies and omissions, the idea that “what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her”.

3. Tell her that you think she might be emotional or “irrational” and suggest that she may be “hormonal”.

4. Be critical about her family or close friends or just let her know that you do not want to spend your time with them.

5. Ignore her when she is trying to talk with you. Continue with television, reading the paper, the computer or playing your game.

6. “Forget” important dates like her birthday, anniversary or even special memories of your time together. The way that you choose to mark it is less important than the fact that you remember and acknowledge in loving ways.

7. Interrupt her when she is talking, point out that she is talking too much or “correct” her.

8. Flirt with other women, especially right in front of her.

9. Spend more time with your friends than with her. Let her know, even if you do not say it directly, that your sports/buddies/work/time alone are more important ways to spend your time than with her. Check your calendar to make sure that you do not have “more important” things going on.

10. Roll your eyes, smirk; turn away or directly let her know that you do not value her ideas or comments.

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