Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ideas About Dating

Are you ready to begin dating … either for the first time or after divorce or the death of your spouse? How do you begin? What do you look for in a dating partner? Here are some ideas to ponder.

1. Think about some couples that you know who have healthy relationships. Observe them and talk with them about what they are doing in their relationship that makes it so good.
Ask them about how they decided that they found the “right” person.
Ask them how they handle disagreements.
Look for signs of nurturing and affection.
2. Think about dating as a sport or social activity. Enjoy opportunities to meet others of the opposite sex rather than looking for a marriage partner.
3. Look at yourself to determine what kind of a person you are and what qualities you want in someone with whom you might spend lots of time.
4. Always make yourself available by being friendly, making eye contact, saying hello.
5. Do not go to bed with or get exclusive with anyone for at least a month. You need time to really get to know someone. Going slowly is much better.

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