Friday, November 2, 2007

Children and Parenting


Parents relationships with their children can be joyous, exciting, frustrating, scary, humiliating and wonderful, to name just a few of the many emotions. It is also amazing how different each child is, even if they are born to the same two parents.

Certainly, the way a parent was reared, influences the way that they interact with their children … often by repeating the same patterns, sometimes by making a conscious decision to change them.

Parents often struggle with their role, to be a disciplinarian with clear, consistent and firm rules and consequences. Possibly to be a nurturer with love, acceptance, positive rewards and feedback as the main means of handling children. Often times there is a path somewhere in between. The goal, however; of parents, is to find ways to be the best teacher of their children. To teach them how to become healthy, happy, productive people in life … and to protect them whenever possible.

It is not unusual for parents to have different philosophies of teaching and handling problems with children … and so parents have to find lots of ways to work together in loving and productive ways, recognizing that they both have the same “end goal” in mind … to have healthy, happy, well-adjusted children.

Through the links on the side of this page, John and Sally plan to have some practical ideas for you to think about … and talk about … with your children, co-parent and others involved in your children’s lives.

Please add your own ideas and experiences for us … and to share with others who are interested.

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