Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How To Be A Good Valentine

Do you know how to be a good valentine?

Flowers, candy and presents are nice on Valentine’s Day … but that alone does not make a good Valentine, especially if nice things are only done once a year.

Here are some of our suggestions for how to be a good Valentine every day.

Show your spouse that you love him or her every day. Obvious, right? Most forget to do this and it can be so simple. Little acts of love in secret places … for only her to find, frequently will help keep the romance and “special-ness” alive.
Flirt, flirt, flirt. “Heart” him in short text messages. Give lots of good eye contact and laugh at her jokes.
Keep the romance alive all year long. Develop rituals (the 14th of every month is V-Day or all Friday nights involve soft music and a candle for 20 minutes after the children are in bed). Be creative. Simple is fine.

What ideas do you have to add to our list? We would love to hear about how you or your partner have learned to be a good valentine.

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