Thursday, May 15, 2008

Infidelity: Do you love him or her?

One question that is often asked is “Were/Are you in love with this other person?” We fully understand the desire to have an honest and open answer to this question, but this is often much more complicated than a simple yes or no answer.

When there is a secret affair occurring, those caught in the throes of passion, newness and excitement often believe that they are experiencing love, when, in fact, it may be more about a change in brain chemistry that is stimulated by something new and exciting. Fantasies, coupled with furtive meetings and new and stimulating conversation and contact, fuel the increased adrenaline and general feelings of pleasure, happiness and lust that can often be misinterpreted as “love”. While in this state, people often believe that they have found the one true person for them and their lives and it is not until some time later that the whole picture can provide a clearer perspective for them.

Thus comes the question that many want answered … “Are/Were you in love with this other person?” The answer in the moment may be a protective “no”, a serious “no” or a hurtful “yes” which may be true only for that moment. This may be a question that is better asked, and answered, at a much later time and after there has been a lot of conversation between the couple about their own relationship.

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habby said...

Great Blog. I struggled through the "love" dilemma while in my affair. Certainly the chemical addiction to my affair partner was intensely strong and kept me coming back. I eventually came to grips with the addiction and knew that I had to remove myself entirely from the partner in order to have a clearer mind and really work on my original relationship. It hasn't been easy because I'm constantly thinking back to the euphoria of the affair. Understanding the biochemical component to adultery does help me to keep some focus on improving my relationship. But I still must deal with the temptation of getting the "drug" one more time.